I recently worked with Glyde.com to show just how easy it is to sell a used item without hassle. There are many options out there to sell, and it does not hurt to know all of your options so that you can sell your item for the best price. Glyde.com specializes is buying and selling electronics and games. Not too long ago I purchased the Michael Jackson Experience game for  XBox Kinect on the Glyde website so that my kids and I could try out all of the moves. No… there is no video! 🙂

As someone who upgrades electronics often enough, when purchasing new ones, I noticed that they had a option to sell and I wondered how the process worked. So, when Glyde asked me to to participate in a special program to sell an item for charity, I was all for it. Glyde sent out a First Generation iPad in excellent condition for me to post and sell. They cleaned off all of the old data, packaged it up, and left the rest up to me. The process could not be more simple. When I received it I opened it and turned it on to make sure that all was well and that it worked. After all, it would be my name on the line if something went wrong. After deciding that it was in great shape I headed to the website to post.

When starting a listing all that you need to do is visit Glyde.com. Once there click the “Sell” button at the top of the site. You are prompted with the 3 simple steps for selling on Glyde.

Next, type in the name of your item. In this case that is “iPad”. As soon as I start typing it, the system prompts me with options. I choose the one that fits from the drop down, “Apple iPad – 1st Gen”. I choose the options that match my device: WiFi and 16gb. It will then ask you about the condition of the device. Does all functionality work on the device? How many scratches on the device? Is there engraving or personalization? What will will be included? Answer all of those and right away you are told what your device is worth and what your proceeds will be. There is no worrying about setting a starting price and waiting for bids. At this point, it is ready to go. If you agree, you can click  the box stating “I’m ready to ship my item upon sale in agreement with Glyde’s Transaction Policies” and click List for Sale.

And then you wait. The Glyde system will keep you up to date on what is going on with your device. When it sells they will let you know, and right away send out a sturdy device specific shipping box for you to use to send it in. Once the buyer receives the device and lets the system know that it was received ok, you get your money. Voila! All done.

It took about 18 days for my iPad to sell. And after 2 weeks the Glyde system told me to consider repricing my device because the market value had changed. Once that was done, it sold faster.

With the money profited, I have to do something for breast cancer research. I know too many women that have suffered so I knew right away what I would do.

If you are looking for a no hassle way to sell your used electronics, check out Glyde.com.


Disclosure: Glyde.com provided the iPad that I sold on Glyde.com. I was asked to donate the proceeds to a charity of my choice. No other compensation was received for this post.