My kids love to draw and color. They love coloring books. And they love when their beloved coloring books can be mixed with technology. They also LOVE it when I allow them to play with my iPad. So… a coloring app on the iPad?? Now this is a big huge hit.

The Ocean Coloring Book! app is a simple concept. It is a coloring book on the iPad. As the name states, this one is based on creatures in the Ocean. There are super cute shellfish, crabs, fish, mermaids, squid, and much more. There are four pages of little cuties to choose from.


Kids can choose to color the easy way, by using a fill function for each section of the picture. Of they can use their super coloring skills with the Free Style function to choose a color and use their finger as a paint brush, carefully coloring in each section the old fashioned way. If they mess up, they can use the eraser to clean up the mistakes, or start over. There is also a function called In Lines that allows them to color the old fashioned way, but it helps them cheat by keeping them inside the lines.

Once the photo is perfect clicking the disk (Save) allows you to email the picture, post to Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter, or simply save it to the photo gallery.

My Pretty Picture

The Ocean Coloring Book! app is available for FREE from the Apple App Store.