Babies need to learn their motor skills. It is fun for them, and they get excited when they learn new things. Of course parents help them. You have probably watched the Cheerios commercials where the moms spread them out on the high chair so the baby can figure out how to pick them up. We have all done that. It helps them get those crucial skills together. But do you know what else helps? Technology. No… we did not have it when we were kids and we are just fine. But we do have it available to us now, so why not use it? There are many apps created to helps babies learn valuable skills. One of those is Merry Cherub.

Merry Cherub is an app to delight babies and small children. The app is designed to promote touch, sound, and language. The idea is for babies to use touch by swiping their fingers across the screen to reveal the animal picture hiding beneath. Once the picture is revealed a “narrator” speaks the name of the animal in English, and then another says it in Spanish. This is an awesome way to start your child towards learning a second language nice and early!

While the app is simple, it gets the job done with babies and toddlers. The app’s developer, One Monk Clapping Company, has developed more similar apps including Natural Tots,  Natural Tots Birds, Natural Tots Flowers, Natural Tots Scenery. Check those out if you are looking for more great apps for your kids.

Merry Cherub is available for $2.99 in the Apple App Store.