Whenever I call my mother I hear the sounds of static. Or she is constantly going “What did you say?” followed by “Hold on, let me change phones.” She has cordless phones in her house that have apparently seen better days. I am sure that there is a phone in the kitchen that is almost as old as I am. 🙂

And since she is getting “up there”, like many others she wears reading glasses. Some phones have very small buttons and a small LCD screen, so they are hard for those who wear reading glasses to see. Also, the sound on some phones is not quite loud enough. Even I sometimes struggle with the low volume on some phones and earpieces, and my hearing is just fine.

The Clarity Professional W425 Pro takes care of some of those issues as well as other issues that older people may have with regular cordless phones. The phone is described as an Extra Loud Big Button Cordless Telephone. Yep, that about sums it up.


• Amplifies incoming sound up to 45 decibels with easy to use volume and tone control
• Speech enhancing technology specifically caters sound to those with hearing loss
• Adjustable tone control lets you customize the sound to suit your hearing
• Extra large backlit keys with high contrast numbers
• 13 speed dial buttons
• Direct connection to assistive listening devices or headset (2.5mm)
• Long range 900MHz transmission frequency reduces interference and is Wi-Fi friendly
• Adjustable extra loud ringer (95dB)
• Super bright visual ringer
• Three (3) tone settings
• Detachable belt clip for ease of mobility around the house
• Eco-friendly and energy efficient operation
• Hearing aid compatible and TIA-1083 compliant
• One (1) year limited warranty

The ringer is very loud and can be adjusted by buttons on the side of the base. You can also change the ringer style to suit your ears.

The Clarity Pro W425 also includes a BOOST function which increases the volume even more for those who have trouble hearing. This is useful for those who might suffer from hearing loss.

As the phone rings a bright red light flashes on both the handset and the base, so that even if the ringer is low you will notice that there is a call coming in.

One big disadvantage of this phone is that it does not have a caller ID. However, other models by Clarity do include a caller ID. I also noticed some distortion in sound quality when the sound is turned up.

Overall the phone is pretty decent. Once again it is best for those who are hard of hearing and need a boost when having phone conversations.

The Clarity Pro W425 can currently be purchased for $59.95.