I will be the first to admit that I am not all that organized when it comes to my files. I work from a couple of different computers, and because of my job and doing reviews I switch up quite a bit. So I end up with files on the desktop of several places. This really happens with photos. As a photographer I take and edit a lot of photos. But do I keep them well organized? No… not so much. It is a work in progress.

I am working towards consolidating all of my files. My secondary storage of choice is cloud based. I do make sure to keep all of my important contracts and other documents in the Cloud. Right now I use a couple of different secure cloud storage services, but that works fine for me and my business.

There are many benefits to using cloud based storage for your personal and business use.

1. Your files are backed up offsite – If you computer crashes, or if it is stolen or dies, you can still access your files from another computer. This is very useful for businesses who want a disaster plan.

2. You can access your files from several computers – If you work like me, you can access files from more than one computer without issue. Many services have a client that can be installed on your PC or Mac to keep your files synced at all times.

3. You gain additional storage – If you are running low on space on your computer, using a cloud based service gives you not only backup benefits, but additional storage.

4. Ease of file sharing & collaboration – If you need to share files or work on a project, you can easily share files stored in a cloud based service without having to email files.

5. Ease of moving your data to a new computer – If all of your files are in the cloud, then you do not have to worry about copying files to your new computer when you move. Just setup your cloud service and let it do the rest.

Have you moved your files to the cloud yet?