Yep… summer is just about over and everyone is going back to school. Whether your child is starting kindergarten, sixth grade, high school, or college chances are that technology is playing a role. AMD would like to help that along. Join myself, the other AMD tech moms, and representatives from AMD for a fun Twitter party.  We’ll be talking about how to find the products to start the school year off right. Whether you need something for homework or the new dorm room, AMD can help you choose the best systems for your family during this busy time. Also participants will have a chance to win an American Express gift card, or even an HP Pavilion m6 Laptop!

The Details 




Rules to win:

  • Must be following @AMDNotebook @TechSavvyMama@HomeEverAfter @LittleTechGirl @ScrappinMichele
  • Join the conversation for a chance to win an AMEX gift card – winner chosen at random – each AMD Tech Mom will choose one gift card winner based on the #AMDBack2School conversation
  • Join the #AMDBack2School Twitter Happy Hour conversation and pay attention to @AMDNotebook tweets on August 27, 2012 to find out more on how to win a fantastic laptop based on AMD technology!
    • Official rules here


Disclosure: I am participating in this program as an AMD Tech Mom.