Technology is a blast because it never stops growing and changing. What’s more is that now it’s moving at leaps and bounds, seemingly taking bigger and bigger steps every single year. Technology is bringing the world closer together, and thanks to its widespread use, has even become something of a hobby for a lot of us.

If one of your lady friends has an unquenchable thirst for all things tech, then there are more than just a few things you can get for her during pretty much any gift-giving occasion. No matter what the cause, there are a few surefire things that any techie chick will absolutely go head over heels for.

There’s so much we can do with technology, so let’s take a look at some of the tools that give us the best use, and the widest range of it. The following gift suggestions are new, awesome, and work fantastically. If you’ve got a female friend with a tendency towards technology, then she’ll love these gift ideas, and you’ll wind up feeling like a hero.

The Nexus 7

Dubbed by some as the “iPad killer,” the Nexus 7 is Google’s latest entry in the tablet computer race, and it does not disappoint. Mainly because it’s incredibly affordable. Clocking in at a very back-pocket-friendly $250, it’s roughly half the price of a (lower capacity) iPad, and nearly every bit as powerful. Sure, it doesn’t boast the stunning beauty that is the new iPad’s retina display, but it contains a powerful quad-core processor, shoots glorious HD video, and has been getting a fantastic response from the tech community.

The MacBook Pro with Retina Display

There’s a new MacBook Pro every few years, but this one is a truly big step for Apple. The incredibly gorgeous Retina Display boasts images with a higher resolution than even a 1080p television, and its inner workings are as powerful as the rest of Apple’s best offerings. At around two grand, the new MacBook Pro will set you back a pretty penny, but the female power computer user will go absolutely head over heels at the newest offering from one of the best computer manufacturers in the world.


The Nike + iPod

If your friend is an Apple girl, and also happens to be a fitness buff, then the Nike+ iPad is the perfect gift. If she isn’t, this is a great way to motivate! The little unit fits right underneath the tongue of her running shoes, and then gets to work calculating important data about your workout based on the number of steps you take per minute, and other factors. Later, you can review the data and see trends. Oh, and the coolest part? It will tailor a custom workout mix for you, based on the speed with which you exercise. The future is a really incredible place.


When your friend needs a little something more than retail gift bags to keep occupied, tech gifts are the perfect solution. They’re intelligent and useful, and what’s more is that there are a bunch of great ones available right now.