Since the invention of the iPad, we have found all kinds of fun and silly things to use them for thanks to the wide array of apps available. And even though some parents might fight it, it has become a toy and a tool that keeps our kids busy and entertained. There are literally thousands of apps out there to help us with this task. One thing I have noticed about my kids is that once they were shown that they could take photos with a smartphone or an iPad they were addicted! They take photos of the house, stuffed animals, and me… it never ends! LOL!

Kids also love their snacks. Oreo cookies, peanuts, gummy candy, granola bars, cheese and more. There is no shortage of things that make kiddos happy at snack time. Sometimes all of those together. 😐

Kraft has taken the love that kids have for gadgets, picture taking, and snacks to a new high. The Kraft Photo Booth app is a very simple app housed on the GoldRun Virtual Photo App platform. To install, just download the free GoldApp app from the Apple App Store.

The app houses figures six iconic Kraft brands including Oreo, Planters, Kool-Aid, and more. You and your kids can take pictures with some of your favorite snacks and personalities. Stand arm and arm with the Kool-Aid man, take a bite out of a huge Oreo cookie, or sit down with a Granola bar.

Here I am biting a cookie. 🙂

Items on the screen can be resized and moved around to arrange just the way you like in your photos.

Jayden and his gummy friend

This is just my office, but make the photos extra fun by taking them on your favorite spot at the beach, the park, or wherever you like.

Jayden & Mr. Kool-Aid!


One thing that I would love to see in the GoldRun/Kraft app is the ability to import photos that are already on the camera roll.

The Kraft Photo App is a fun, easy way to share photos with your favorite Kraft snacks. Install it today by downloading the GoldRun app from the app store. Be sure to share some photos on Twitter by using hashtag #KraftPhotoBooth


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Kraft. Although sponsored, all opinions are my own.