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If you’re someone who has been seriously considering building a home theatre, but you’ve been hesitant about finding a television that will provide you with that “It really does feel like we’re at the movies!” effect, Sony may have the perfect solution for you. If you have the room for it, that is.

You see, Sony has recently released an 84 inch television to the mass market. Now to help put a bit of perspective on the magnitude of that piece of equipment, let’s go back to basic arithmetic for a moment. Remember that it takes 12 inches to make one foot, right? So, if you divide 84 by 12, that gives you seven feet.

Now do you see how substantial that television set is?

Yes, just in time for football season, Sony has offered up an LCD “television extraordinaire” that comes with 3840 x 2160 resolution, a detachable 10-speaker audio system, built in WiFi and virtual 5.1 surround sound.

Already, the critics have been singing the television set’s praises, with one of the main reasons being that it looks great, both up close and from a distance. One reviewer said that being that you cannot detect any distance between the pixels, it’s like the difference between literally looking at “the real world” in comparison to simply viewing a video depiction of it with other screens.

Another thing that people are already enjoying about the seven-foot wonder (or as it is technically called, the Brava 84X9000 4K TV) is that it’s great for watching 3D movies too (yes, it includes that feature as well). As a matter of fact, reportedly, it the 3D effect is much clearer and real-looking on this particular model than other standard HD television sets.

So, is there anything that this huge model is lacking? It probably depends on how you look at it. One challenge may be that if you are using it to be an at-home movie theatre, for now, there aren’t a ton of 4K resolution videos that are on the market, although does offer a (somewhat limited) list online (there are also a few of those kinds of videos that you can download on YouTube too). Also, as more of this kind of content becomes available, it’s hard to know if or when cable, broadcast and satellite platforms will start delivering it. This means that if you are not the most patient person, that might be a bit of a thorn in your side.

But all in all, can you really have big complaints about such a product? Especially if you’ve been looking for a television set that could act as a theatre screen while providing you with quality viewing and sound? Probably not. However, there is something that you may want to brace yourself for. You know how when you go into certain stores, like high-end jewelry shops, and you don’t see price tags that you pretty much know that is a sign that the items don’t come cheap?

Well, even though Sony has announced the release of the television set, it hasn’t officially said how much it costs. Many people are estimating it to be somewhere around $25,000, though, whether it’s online at or your local electronics store. So, if you want to get it as a Christmas present, you’d better check your credit card limit now.

It should be quite the holiday shopping addition. Stay tuned.