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It’s Vegas Baby!!! (Blogalicious 2012)

I am currently in Las Vegas, NV for Blogalicious. I will be speaking on a panel, “Storytelling through Photos & Videos” here on Saturday morning. It is only my second visit to Vegas, but already I like it more than my first one!  When I came before it was January for CES. While it was not cold by Chicago standards, it was only in the 50s each day. It was pretty chilly, so I did not explore much.

Now?? The temp is over 90 each day and I love it! It is amazingly beautiful here. The view is incredible with the mountains in the background and I cannot spend enough time outside. I am looking forward to exploring the strip a little bit tonight, taking some photos and seeing the sites, and of course connecting with the great people hanging out at the conference.

If you are interested in what is going on you can follow the hashtag #Blogalicious12 on Twitter, or watch the Blogalicious blog for some live blogging.

Kris McDonald is Chicago mom to 2 sets of twins, photography nut, gadget addict, travel addict, and tech blogger who has worked in IT for over 16 years. Kris figured out a while ago that she was destined to be really busy (hence the 2 sets of twins), and she has found peace with that. Read More