We talk about gadgets quite often. But I don’t usually post about high-end, ridiculous, luxury gadgets that you would probably only have in your home if you are very well off. The following guest post helps the mind wander there… and beyond.


As technology enhances our lives more than ever before, luxury designers have been getting to grips with it to help those with a little spare cash find more ways to relax.  From floating beds to clever cookery, money can buy you some excellent luxury gadgets that no high net worth home should be without.

Animal Magnetism

Designed by Janjaap Ruijssenaars, the Floating Bed will introduce (or re-introduce) a little magic into the bedroom.  There’s nothing terribly “Harry Potter” about the bed though – it’s more Derren Brown.  Created using nothing more magical than some well-placed magnets the bed floats effortlessly in the room.  The magnets are strong enough, thankfully, to host even a particularly enthusiastic pajama party.  The bed is secured to the floor by (almost invisible) wires to stop it from spinning off in all directions.


Tiddles, Move Away from the Vacuum

There’s never been anything fun about vacuuming; until now.  Samsung, the past master of convenient household goods, has come up with the answer to all our prayers in the form of their Navibot.  It’s a robot that does the vacuuming for you!  Its luxury features include a mapping system which allows it to assess the most convenient route around the house and thanks to its size it can slip off under the coffee table in pursuit of crumbs and dust.  Samsung market it particularly on its power to effortless clean away pet hair (presumably keeping them entertained at the same time), although personally I’d market it on the fact that it means no more hoovering!

Exercise in Style

Taking a little more exercise is on most people’s mind but for the image conscious it can be difficult to find truly luxury options.  The Gucci bicycle, the result of collaboration between manufacturer Bianchi and the famous fashion house, should resolve that dilemma.  The bike comes with all the tell-tale design features that make it un-arguably Gucci.  Of course bicycle theft can be a bit of problem but it’s oddly not likely to be an issue with this super-luxury designer run-around.  The bikes are so highly designed and unique that even a relatively skilled thief is going to have trouble shifting this particular stolen good.

Intelligent Designs

If an appliance isn’t smart these days it’s time to call the scrap man and send it off for re-education.  Samsung, who are intent on making life easier for us all, have (at last) developed the Smart Oven.  As yet they’ve still to fine tune their un-burnt offering on the cookery front, but it seems they’re on the right path.  A version available in Korea allows you to programme the oven by app, while another uses the barcodes on pre-packed meals to cook them to perfection.  The blurb talks about the automation of the kitchen and the de-skilling of cooking; for those of us who have always felt de-skilled in the kitchen, this is a dream come true.

A Living Room with a View

If you can remember the days when you needed a telescope to view the TV, even from three foot away, you’ll be wowed by the latest offering in home cinema equipment from Panasonic.  The big screen in this case really is quite big – at 152 inches it’s certainly going to be in your face.  The screen’s technology features separate images in 3D for each of your eyes, and is bigger than most average living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms.  As a horror-movie addict who loves to hide behind the sofa I’m afraid this TV would not be for me: with this monster there’s nowhere left to hide.

Go on, you really are worth it!  Just don’t forget the high net worth home insurance when putting the magic back into the bedroom or keeping the pets entertained.


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