I have told you before about how I feel about cloud based storage services. It is an awesome invention that has really come a long way.  I use a variety of services to house my files so that I can get to them whenever I need to. The below guest post talks about why cloud based services are good for college students.

Guest Post: The Best Cloud Services for College Students

In college, resources can be a very precious thing. As more and more work gets done on the computer — let’s face it, pretty much every single college student in America has a laptop on which the vast majority of schoolwork is done at this point — it becomes more and more imperative that we be able to conserve hard drive space and have access to the resources we need when we need them. It’s so much easier to access your important documents, textbooks, and projects via the Internet, from any computer you choose, which is why many students are opting for this approach instead of the more traditional physical hard drive method. If you’re a student who is interested in cloud computing, we’ll talk about some of the best cloud services that you will be able to use and make your college years a little bit easier.

The Google Cloud service is perhaps the most comprehensive and well-developed cloud computing and storage service offered right now. The range of products and services offered is something to marvel at. With Google Docs, you can access an entirely online and very robust word processor, which uses HTML five to offer users many of the same features they’ve come to know and love from expensive, premium software packages like Microsoft Office. Google Docs is used by many students not only to store, organize, and access important documents, but it also allows users to scan and import other materials like pdf files and class notes.

Even more useful is the Google Cloud’s collaborative nature, which allows for multiple users to view and contribute to a document all at once. With a variety of formats offered (including the equivalent of a PowerPoint presentation, spreadsheets, forms, and drawn images), the Google Cloud offers a pretty comprehensive variety of formats that make it simpler than ever for you share and co-author documents and projects with your classmates.

In terms of backing up and storing large quantities of data, the Amazon servers are highly reputed, and offer a great deal of inexpensive cloud storage options. Similarly, the iCloud network, which is run by Apple, will help you sync apps, music, and other important data from your computer, where it’ll be kept safe and accessible to you at any time in their cloud computer network.

Cloud computing is one of the more exciting recent developments in modern computer usage, and its benefits extend to the small business owner, stay-at-home-mom, and busy college student alike. By picking the right cloud service for yourself, you’ll be able to study harder, learn faster, and altogether have a much better semester. Whether you’re a master of health administration or getting your English degree, It’s always important to do your research, and make sure that the service you pick has storage allotments, terms, and conditions that you fully support and agree with. Most of these services are free, and power users can usually pay a small premium for more advanced offerings. Either way, it’s easier than it might seem to find a great cloud service for the next semester of classes.