I have tried out quite a few headphones and I admit that I prefer earbuds instead of large over the ear headphones. Why? Because over the ear ones can be large, bulky and heavy. After wearing them for a while I start to feel enclosed. LOL!

I was sent a pair of Philips Citiscape headphones from the Downtown Collection to try out. These headphones are super lightweight. I was surprised at just how lightweight they are. Plus the metal headband is covered in very soft material. This makes them even more comfortable.

I have been wearing them now for well over an hour. This is well past the time I would have removed my old headphones to give my head a rest. I am doing something that I usually never do which is sit at my desk and work with headphones on. And I like it! You get a lot more appreciation for all of the different sounds in music when you can hear it bounce from ear to ear. Also, all background noises are blocked out thanks to the sound isolating cushions. And with MusicSeal technology your music is kept to yourself and does not disturb the folks around you. This is very useful for travel. Nothing worse than hearing every bit of the person’s music next to you on an airplane.

Technical Specifications

Impedance 32 Ohm
Driver Diameter 40 mm
Sensitivity 102 dB
Speaker Type Dynamic
Frequency Range 18-22, 000 Hz
Magnet Type Neodynium
Max Power Input 30 mW
Acoustic System Closed



Now, I am no music or headphone expert, I just know what sounds good, and these sound good to me. I tested them using my Android phone for listening to music. They sounded great. I also made a call and the other party sounded awesome in stereo. They reported that I sounded loud and clear.

Being a DJ, I used them for several hours while working on some tracks.  The headphones had great dynamic range. The the bass and clarity are great, and they had very crisp highs and lows.

The Philips Citiscape Downtown headphones can currently be purchased for $49.99 from Amazon.com.
If earbuds are more your style, the Citiscape Underground earbuds are for you. Based on similar technology, and also available in awesome purple, the Philips Citiscape Underground earbuds also offer awesome sound in an earbud. The noise isolating ear caps block out sounds around you so that you can enjoy your music in peace.

They come with 3 pairs of ear cushions so that you can find the one that fits your ear correctly. They also offer a unique feature that I have not seen in other earbuds before. The backs are magnetic so that they stick together for easy wrapping along with a flat cord for storage without tangling.

These earbuds are also equipped with talk capability that work with both iPhone and Android.

The Philips Citiscape Underground earbuds can be purchased for the awesome price of $24 from Amazon.com.


Disclosure: The Philips Citiscape headphones were provided to me in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.