I am a big fan of VoIP phone service for a long time. I love the idea of having one number that can follow me all over. And I love being able to access my call log and voice mail from my computer. Are you wondering if it is right for you? The below guest post gives some insight into one such service, RingCentral.

If you’re still in the doldrums when it comes to deciding on whether or not to get cloud phone service because of the costs, maybe these options will help:

Avail of coupon codes

Grab the latest deal from leading cloud phone service provider RingCentral. With a RingCentral promo code, you can get 25 percent off on RingCentral Mobile on your first six months of subscription. Experience the advantages of a fully-featured cloud PBX at a huge discount!

Get a free trial

Alternatively, you can also get a free 30-day trial from RingCentral. This is a risk-free offer which you can avail of at the RingCentral site.

If this is still not enough, consider the following perks when you invest in a RingCentral phone system and tell me it’s still going to cost you more than legacy PBX!

  • You get FREE 24-hour customer support
  • You’re not tied to any long-term contracts
  • You only pay for the PBX features that you need.
  • More and more businesses are moving to cloud technology.  You’ll have less expenses and less effort adjusting if you’re an early adopter
  • You save on phone call costs with voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) powering your toll free calls and faxes
  • Your whole system is mobile and portable. You’ll invest in less hardware and won’t need physical lines to install your PBX.
  • You can use RingCentral PBX with your existing phone lines

Why not try RingCentral PBX to experience bigger savings and a better phone system?  Get a RingCentral promo code online now.