It’s a doll! It’s a camera! It’s Barbie Photo Fashion Doll!

If you have a daughter chances are you have a Barbie doll, or 2… or 20 at home. But I bet you don’t have one like this. The Barbie Photo Fashion doll is a Barbie Doll with a twist. Her tummy hosts a display and her utility belt provides the camera functions.

The doll can hold up to 200 photos. This is enough for your daughter to have a ball snapping all of her favorite fall activities like playing in leaves, Halloween parties, and more. I gave the doll to my 9 year old twin girls and they had a ball. They have already taken over 40 pictures.

My girls really love the frame effects. They took many photos on a cool, rainy day when stuck in the house. The frames include hearts, cupcakes, a puppy, stars, and more.

They even got poor Kristopher in a photo that I’m sure he will not want us to show when he is a teen. LOL!

Yes, that is my baby boy complete with blond Barbie wig! HA HA HA!  Of course Barbie is a girl thing, so the frames and props are more suited for girls. But no little brother is safe from his big sisters when they have a camera!


Now the photos are not hi-res by any means, but they are good for kid use. They are fun to look it, and fun to share on your computer.

And with the available Barbie Photo Fashion Studio you can take your photos and create and decorate t-shirts.

We will have more Barbie Photo Fashion fun coming up in the next few weeks. And knowing my kids, we will have a LOT more photos to share.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Mattel and the One to One Network. All opinions are my own.