There is always chatter about whether or not our children are being exposed to too many electronics. Well, as a techy myself from a VERY early age I will say no. Of course when I was a young child there were no iPhones, iPads, or other smartphones. But, I did have an Atari gaming system. And as I got older I was enrolled in computer classes and I learned to program BASIC on my Commodore 64. From that point on I was hooked. I knew that my life, career, and hobbies would revolve in some way around technology. So, it paid off for me. I am doing what I love, and getting paid to play with new toys.

Who are we to deny our children that right? It is important to nurture our children’s loves and passions. It is our job to watch them, to see what they are good at, and to encourage them to pursue what that might be. I have never been a strong believer in limiting my kid’s game time or TV time. Of course school nights are the exception. But on weekends my kids can play games, play on their computers, or watch TV to their heart’s desire. Why? Because we keep a healthy share of educational toys and content on hand. And the games that they play on our gaming systems are very active and keep them exercised.

Electronic toys like the LeapPad 2 are here to stay and we should be thankful. No longer does playing a game mean that your child is spending mindless hours in front of a TV shooting aliens or asteroids.  They can actually learn while playing. Educational toys can help them learn math, reading, and much more.

Are you nurturing your child’s tech learning abilities? They just might become the next Bill Gates. 🙂