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If you are a techy or a business owner at all, you are sure to know the acronym CDW. CDW is known for being a tech store full of goodies such as computers, printers, monitors, and other computer accessories. But, do you know what the CDW stands for? CDW stands for collision damage waiver. Didn’t know that? Yeah, I had no clue either. You might be thinking, “Well that is a strange name for a computer store”. That is because CDW is not just a computer store. They also specialize in services for businesses such as data storage management and virtualization.

Data storage management is a very important part of business both big and small. I know this first hand from my time working IT in a major university. Documents, photos, email, and other files had to be backed up. Day to day operations depended on knowing that if a disaster occurred, we would be able to quickly recover critical files. Also, as days go by and more and more data is created, archiving becomes necessary so that more data can be stored.

CDW helps businesses keep peace of mind by offering:

• Storage Area Networks
• Blade Servers
• Storage Management Software
• Archiving Software
• E- Discovery Software
• Data De-duplication
• Data Storage Virtualization

If you are wondering how CDW can help your business download CDW’s Red Report free, for a limited time. This report can give you information on eliminating infrastructure inefficiencies, protecting organizational data, and more. You can also learn how to Reduce Your IT Data Storage Requirements by 20-40%.

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