As you already know, I have been a avid eBay supporter for years. Even before I was asked to be involved with the eBay Parent Panel I bought and sold on eBay. As time went buy, it has almost become a necessary action. Back in January I lost my 9-5 job and decided that I wanted to pursue being an entrepreneur. So in addition to working from home, this means finding other ways to make money, or pinch pennies. And since I have more time at home I have slowly been purging, organizing, and cleaning the different areas of my home.

eBay helps me by giving me an easy way to sell the items that I no longer need, or that I decide to upgrade. In return, I get money in my Paypal account and the good feeling that comes along with knowing that what I sold became a new gadget, toy, or gift for someone else. eBay has helped me recoup some of the cost of getting a new gadget on more than one occasion. I have also purchased gifts for others on eBay when they were hard to find elsewhere.

Of course sometimes eBay may offer up even more. There are plenty of collectors items, antiques and keepsakes that when purchased put a huge smile and sometimes tears on the recipients face. Imagine your child losing their favorite stuffed toy on a trip away from home. They have had it since they were a baby, so you can no longer find that exact model. Enter eBay. I myself have used eBay to hunt down a very specific Winter Mickey Mouse to match one that my daughter has. It is awesome to be able to replace something like that. Imagine the smiles. 🙂

I am thankful to eBay for helping me realize the value in some objects. I know some people that head to the trash or donation box when it is time to clear space or upgrade. The problem with that is that you do not know who is getting it. In the trash, it may just end up destroyed. And there is no way to know where things really go after we donate them. But, by selling on eBay you know that the person bidding on your object really wants it and has a purpose for it. It makes me feel good to know that I may have saved someone some money offering them my slightly used object which they will buy and cherish, or pass on to someone that they love.
Do you use eBay? How has it helped you?


Disclosure: This post is part of my involvement in the eBay Parent Panel. All opinions are my own.