I already told you about the very cool new Barbie Photo Fashion doll which allows your little girls to combine two loves… their love of Barbie and their love of taking pictures. Kids can comb her hair, change her shoes, and use her fancy belt to take photos. She even has a nice bangle bracelet. My girls have enjoyed taking photos. ¬†They then bring her to me so that I can load them up on my computer and see what they have snapped.


The Barbie Photo Fashion Doll is a full Barbie doll, although you want to be careful with her. Afterall… she is a camera! Don’t attempt to wash her hair. You probably shouldn’t do that to Barbie anyway since it messes up the hair. ūüôā I did it plenty when I was little.

Her t-shirt contains an LCD display screen to display photos taken, or to use as a live viewer. There are 3 buttons on the front of her belt. The middle button is is the shutter button and power button. You hold it in to turn Barbie off or on. And once it is on, you push it to take a photo. The side button are for scrolling through the various photo frames when in camera mode, or scrolling through the photos stored on the camera when in viewing mode.

On the back of Barbie you will see her USB port, and the camera lens. On the right side here you can see the toggle switch to go from camera mode to viewing mode. It is super easy for kids to use.

We had some fun taking pics of fall related things including Halloween. The fall season has been underway for a while. And this past week was Halloween. I love fall when the leaves fall off the trees. The colors are beautiful. We brought am almost perfect leaf inside and took a photo of it laying on white paper. The Barbie Photo Fashion Doll camera resolution and saturation are not the greatest, it does not show the colors all that well. But kids do not mind.  Here are a few photos that we took:




If nothing else, they are having fun taking pics. I look forward to seeing what else will be on the camera when I check next time. ūüôā Want to have some Barbie fun of your own? The Barbie Photo Fashion Doll can be purchased for $49.


Disclosure: This post is part of a compensated campaign on behalf of Mattel.