I have told you before about the wonder that is Treat.com. Treat.com allows you to easily pick out, customize, and send greetings cards right from their website. There is no going to the store, fighting over what is left, remembering to buy stamps, and going to the mailbox… or worse… the post office! Well, imagine being able to send birthday cards right from your iPhone. The Treat Birthday Cards App lets you do just that. I quickly downloaded the app from the App Store and loaded it on my iPod Touch and i was ready to go. Now when I am out and I remember at some point that the next day is your friend’s birthday. When scheduling cards, you can schedule them for up to a year in advance! That is so smart. You can take one afternoon and schedule all of your cards, for the next couple of months and be done!

Step 1: Log in to Facebook & Add Birthdays – The Treat Birthday Cards app allows you to log into your Facebook account via the app and add the birthdays of friends and family. You can also manually add birthdays for folks that are not on Facebook. Having them all here means that you will never miss a birthday. Once the birthdays are imported using the app could not be easier.

Step 1: Log in to Facebook & Add Birthdays

Step 2: Choose a Card Style – There are tons to choose from. You can choose a card for your friend, mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, husband, wife, son, daughter, sister, and brother. Categories available are funny, heartfelt, and simply stated. A selection of cards will pop up. Or… you can click on a friend’s avatar at the top of the screen and cards will be suggested.

Step 2: Choose a Card Type


Step 3: Personalize the Card – The best thing about using the Treat app is that you can personalize every card. It is not a generic card that you pickup from the drug store, but a professionally made personalized card made special just for the recipient.



Step 4:  Address & Send – When addressing your card you can choose a mailing date to make sure that it gets there in time. You then type in the recipients address, choose it from your contacts, or choose from the Facebook friends that you imported in the first step. After this step, you are done! Treat will handle the rest.


I love this app! I for one know that I often forget about sending birthday cards, or I just don’t because of the hassle of going to physically do it. Now I can make sure that all of my close friends get cards. 🙂

The Treat Birthday Cards app can be downloaded in the Apple App Store. For more info and to keep up with what Treat is doing, you can also follow along on their social channels.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TreatCards

Twitter: http://twitter.com/treatcards

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/treatcards/


Disclosure: This review is sponsored by Treat.com. All opinions are my own.