Since my boys were babies I have kept a cool mist humidifier running in their room at night. This helps sooth the air so to speak. A dry house can cause problems like night time coughing, dry throat, dry nose, and more. Ugh. None of that sounds pleasant does it?

One of my boys has constant problems with nose bleeds, mostly at night.  But what causes it? Night time nosebleeds are also caused by dryness in the air. Dry air is made worse having the heat on in winter. We have ours going now since it has been cool here in Chicago. But that means that it dries out the air even more and causes nose irritation. The same can come from colds and allergies. One of my boys is sick right now. He was coughing last night so the first thing that I did after giving him meds was make sure to turn on his humidifier. While it is certainly not a cure all, it does help.

This might not be such a problem if our home had a whole house humidifier installed. But, it does not. I have checked into getting one, but it is just too expensive right now. So I just put a room humidifier where it is needed. And while I had my boys and girls taken care of, I (as mothers do) put myself last. But no more! I now have my own humidifier thanks to Sharper Image. YAYY! And I do notice quite a difference. I no longer wake up feeling… well… dry! Ahhh!!! While my boys are used to their loud humming noise that their humidifier makes and they actually ask for it (they love the white noise), I prefer it more quiet or I am bound to wake up a couple of times during the night. This one?? It is sooooo quiet. I cannot hear it at all when it is on, and I love that! Plus, has no filter. So I do not have to remember to run to Walmart once a month to change the icky filter. This makes me happy! AND… it has a cartridge specifically made to keep down the white dust caused by hard water deposits.  NICE! Less dusting also makes me happy!

I am thinking that I need to replace the older one in my boys room with one like this. Hmmmm… or will they complain that they miss the noise?? :\

The Sharper Image Cool Mist Humidifier and similar models can be purchased starting at 359.99 from


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