I am ALWAYS cold. Unless it is summer, 75+, and I am outside I am usually freezing. I keep my thermostat at home on 69-72. I always sleep with a sheet and comforter unless the air is broken. I would rather be hot than cold at any time! I get teased, but I don’t care. ­čÖé I have been anemic since I was a kid so I guess that is part of why. I have learned to live with it. As long as I am warm I am ok! Because of this I HATE going to conferences and meetings that are in huge hotel ballrooms, etc. . It is always FREEZING. I have a theory that they do it that way on purpose to make us stay awake and pay attention. But in my case all it does is make me think about getting out of there and finding warmth!┬áAnd I hate going to┬ádoctor’s offices or any other public place where I need to sit for hours. I┬áswear sometimes it seems like they have the temperature set to 55. Some don’t seem to realize that the an inside temp can feel very different than and outside temp of the same number.

While I can’t do much more than put on a sweater and drink hot tea or coffee while at a conference, I make sure that I keep warm at home. When the Sharper Image asked me to check out a few items, I told the rep that it looked like she was spying on me at home. All of the items fit me SO well. This is especially true of the┬áTemperature Regulating Memory Foam Slippers. I always wear socks when in the house. These slippers are much better than socks. My feet stay nice and toasty! But not too toasty. The description says “Outlast┬« technology absorbs and stores excess heat, releasing it when you need it most reducing overheating and sweating.” That is good tech to have. With other slippers I am guilty of taking them off and on throughout the day to regulate the temp of my feet. Although I hate being cold, I don’t like sweating.


These slippers are available in blue and white. Sizes available are small, medium, and large. They make an awesome gift for anyone. The Sharper Image Temperature Regulating Memory Foam Slippers are available from SharperImage.com.



Disclosure: This post is part of a campaign with the Sharper Image All opinions are my own.