Win an iPhone 5 From Otterbox + Case Review

Yes you read that right. One lucky reader will win an iPhone 5!!!! This contest comes to you courtesy of my friends at Otterbox. Otterbox is well known for making the most protective cases out there for mobile phones and tablets. I have tested a couple and they definitely get the job done.

They offer a wide range of cases for devices including the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, Motorola Droid series, Kindle Fire, and much more. I tried out the Defender & Commuter cases for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5. And I owned an Otterbox case for my iPhone 4. If you are looking for maximum protection this is it!!

This past Saturday my BF upgraded himself to an iPhone 5 and I gave him a choice of the Commuter or Defender case for his new iPhone. He ended up choosing the Commuter case for it’s sleekness. But first we tried out the Defender case. Putting it on the phone is a process that takes a couple of steps. The case is a 3 part case…

First you put on the back pretty much like you would when assembling other two part cases.

The front then snaps on to cover the front and back of the case. Then they are wrapped in a nice protective outer layer which protects the phone and all ports and has a built in screen protector.

While the phone may be a bit bulky, it is very well protected, and you won’t have to worry if you drop it. The iPhone 5 Defender case can be purchased for $49.95.

Now… what you have been waiting for!!!

The iPhone 5 Giveaway

One of my readers will win a 16gb iPhone 5 on Verizon. NO CONTRACT!! If you are on Verizon (or want to be) just call and get it activated. Nice huh?? I don’t think I need to give you any specs or anything about the device, so let’s just get to it! Enter to win below.

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  • Chris Brundick

    My daughter will try,but Mom needs a new phone. My current HTC needs a cache dump daily to keep the internal memory at about 5mb

  • Patrice99

    My daughter has been wanting an iPhone for a while now. If I win I will activate it for her!

  • Shana Sharee Putnam

    It would definitely be for me.  I still have a dumb phone.  😉

  • Latricia Bowers

    I would give it to someone else

  • Renee Stacey

    Would be for the hubby. He needs a phone more than me 


  • Azizah Asgarali

    Myself! I’m still using a sad old Blackberry :(

  • Taylor Long

    I have a 4s and used an Otterbox for the first year. It kept my phone safe from all the accidental drops :) 

  • Taylor Long

    I have a 4s and used an Otterbox for the first year. It kept my phone safe from all the accidental drops :) 

  • Ann Lyfe

    It would be for me!! :)

  • aj34

    The phone will be for my mom who needs one really bad. I love her and I want her to have the best. thanks!

  • HealthCastleIan

    I also find the Otterbox Defender a bit bulky but it does offer maximum protection for the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 would be for a family member!

  • Natalie Shmigelsky

    Would love to gift this to hubby!

  • Michelle

    It would be for me! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Sean Foo

    Me likely!

  • ewilliams1009

    this iphone would be a gift to my girlfriend who really needs a new phone. Thanks!

  • Amiyrah Martin

    The iPhone will be for me! I’m still rocking an iPhone 4 and I need an upgrade.

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