I am probably a bit more lax that some of my friends when it comes to thinking about things like child identity theft. I had not really consciously thought about it until recently. But, before that my initial thought would have probably been that it is not a big deal, and it could not easily happen.

Knowing what I know now I realize that is completely false. Anyone can fall victim to identity theft, including children. All it takes is a savvy criminal to find your child’s information and use it to their advantage. In the past I never would have thought to subscribe to a service to protect my children from identity. But, services like Identity Guard® kID Sure can provide peace of mind and give you one less thing to worry about. By definition identity theft is a form of stealing someone’s identity. Once they accomplish that they can obtain credit and other benefits in that person’s name.

We typically think that identity theft only occurs when you shop online, lose a credit card, or shop somewhere where a dishonest person works who then obtains a copy of the credit card number. But sometimes identity theft occurs without the person ever physically getting a hold of your card, or your number. Sometimes hackers can obtain information by running programs that search for obtainable numbers, or information like social security numbers. It is all pretty scary when you think about it.

Now that I am the mother of four I definitely want to make sure that I give my children a fair start by protecting their identities. We make enough of our own issues as adults with credit, etc. without having to add on the problem of combating identity theft.

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Disclosure: This service and the book Bankrupt at Birth were provided to me for review at no charge. In addition I received monetary compensation. All opinions are my own.