There is a lot to think about when choosing a new laptop or computer, especially if you will be getting one that will be used by your children. Parents want computers for their kids that are easy to use, have different parental controls, and can help teach children how to properly use a computer. There are many different options parents have when it comes to kid friendly computers. These options let parents find the best option that fits their family and needs.

One kid friendly option is to install an operating system designed specifically for children. These operating systems can easily be installed on a computer you already have, or a brand new one. Most of these operating systems let you create different profiles or accounts on the computer. These accounts are then designated for parents or other authorized users and kids. In the parent’s profile, you can access everything that your child does as well as track what programs they use, and control the websites that they can visit. Some systems let you control when and for how long your child can be on the computer. In the child profile, there are desktop games, writing and reading programs, and secure web browser. Systems like Magic Desktop also let your children learn how to use an email program by using a secure and safe email program. This program ensures that your children won’t be receiving any spam emails. Operating systems are great ways for parents to use the computer their way, and monitor their child’s use of the computer. It will teach your children how to work a computer, use the internet, and develop other skills needed in this technology driven world, without deleting any of your important documents, changing settings, or going out to unapproved websites. There are many different types of kid friendly operating systems and software so you can use any computer, whether it’s a gaming laptop or a business laptop.

Another option is to get a computer designed specifically for child use. These computers are durable and can handle drops, spills, and any damage that a child could do to a computer. Child computers like the Peewee PC or the Kids Education Station normally come with educational software and a kid friendly operating. Each Peewee computer comes with an option for parental controls which are set up through Windows Security Suite. This will let you set what programs your child can use, and how long they can be on the computer. On the Education Station, you have the option to get internet, and if you do, you can use the child friendly browser. Both come with educational games pre-installed, but you can easily buy more kid-friendly games. These computers give your child the option to learn how to use computers and laptops as well as many different skills.

If you want something that can grow as your child grows and that can easily be used by the entire family. You can easily set up your own home computer to be kid friendly without any extra software or operating system. The easiest way to make your own computer kid friendly is by setting up different profiles for each person. Majority of computers, Macs, and operating systems have this option. Make sure that your profile is password protected and that only you and authorized users know the password. You can then set up your profile as the main administrator and change the settings for the rest of the users. These settings will ensure that certain programs can’t be used or even downloaded by unauthorized users. You can also set up the parental controls in your web browser so your children would still be able to go online, but only view parent-approved pages. Of course, if you want added protection you can install security and anti-virus programs that have more advanced parental controls for games and websites.

Part of having a kid friendly computer is also teaching your children how to properly use one. Taking the time to teach your children how to use a computer and its components, including the internet, can help them safely use one. If you are looking for a kid friendly computer for your family, make sure you do your research beforehand and decide what your family’s needs are. Doing this can help make it an easy decision, and will help you get the best computer for your family and children.


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