Sometimes I think that I am still a little baby inside. White noise soothes me. If I am riding as a passenger in a car on a long commute I am likely to be lulled to sleep. And the sound of the filter running in my fish tank is relaxing to me while trying to sleep.

Scientists say that white noises sooth us because it reminds us of being in our mother’s womb. It also relaxes the brain and reduces sound clutter around us by giving us one consistent frequency to focus on. So, if you are the type that cannot sleep when there are random noises around, consider a white noise machine. I mentioned before the I keep the humidifier on in my boys room, not only to keep the air moist, but also as white noise for them. I am usually still moving around in the house and it drowns out other noises of me doing laundry and cleaning.

The Sharper Image Sound Soother is an alarm clock and white noise machine in one. It is capable of playing 20 different soothing sounds of nature to help you sleep. While I don’t use it much as a constant white noise machine I do love the fact that I can set the alarm to awaken me to a soothing sound rather than the harsh “BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ” of my old alarm clock. So, instead of being jarred awake violently, I am soothed awake. It is SO much better. For that very reason I had stopped using my old alarm clock long ago in favor of my smartphone. I was tired of waking up with my heart beating out of my chest while I rushed to hit the off button while knocking things off the night stand. LOL!

The sounds offered include:

White Noise
Summer Night
Steam Train
Wind chimes

I think my favorite sound is the Rain. I always sleep well during rain storms anyway. Well as long as their are no super loud booms of thunder. 🙂

The unit also offers a cool function that I have not seen in an alarm clock before. You can set 2 alarms. So, instead of changing the alarm once you get up to set it for your husband, he can have his own alarm setting ready to go. Or, if you get up at a different time on the weekend, you can have that set to.

The Sharper Image Soothing Sounds machine can be purchased for $49.99 from


Disclosure: The product mentioned in this post was provided to me in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.