Christmas time is here. That means shopping, shopping, and more shopping. I have started already. YAYYY! I have gotten a few things for my kids here and there, but I have yet to make a real list. I could use some help figuring out the perfect gifts to get my kids. Let’s face it… after a while it will seem like your kids have everything! But that is why the toy manufacturers keep inventing more awesome toys. My kids are always asking for some cool new toy as they watch commercials. It can be a lot to sort through. How do you find it all?

Instead of flipping through endless catalogs, or browsing several websites, check out the eBay Holiday Gift Guide.

The eBay Holiday Gift Guide is a comprehensive guide to gifts for just about anyone in your life. Did you know that many, many big name brick and mortar stores also have stores on eBay? Yes, they do. And we can take advantage of these stores and get several of our favorite products at great prices. The eBay Gift Guide showcases some of the hottest products from in eBay deals, hot toys, best sellers, and more. While browsing for gifts for my kids I found plenty in the Top Toys from Toys R Us section. They have items ranging from only .99 cents to as much as $9,299. Here are some items that caught my eye:


When I am out sometimes and inspiration strikes (ie. I remember something that I forgot to order), I use eBay mobile. Or if I hear one of my kids mention that they want something, instead of trying to remember I very often grab my phone, fire up my eBay Mobile app and search for an order it right away.

To help you tackle your shopping list eBay has created the eBay Holiday 2012 Gifting App on Facebook. With the app you can create gift lists for friends and family. Or you can create a child’s toy list specifically for your child. You set your child’s name, sex, and age and then you get a bunch of suggestions. You can easily drag and drop suggestions to your child’s list. Clicking the Send to North Pole! button saves the list and allows you to share with your friends. But don’t worry, if you choose to create a list for someone who is your Facebook friend, they cannot see it.

If you create a list now you will be entered to win an item from your list, or an eBay gift card in the Holiday Gift Shop sweepstakes.

eBay is doing a great job at helping us get our holiday shopping in order and done! Happy Shopping!


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by eBay and Splash Creative Media.