I was compensated for my participation in Coca-Cola’s Balanced Living Workshop, but my thoughts and views are my own.

As a very busy mother to two sets of twins, I sometimes find it very hard to balance healthy eating, exercise, work, and kids.† In my two sets of twins, one in each set is picky. Go figure. The other two will try anything once, and they love their veggies. The only veggies my son, Jayden, will eat are raw carrots (he will not eat cooked) and lettuce. Getting him to try something new is just about impossible. Making sure that they get enough veggies is always a challenge, so I need creative ways to do that.

And since I am constantly busy, usually at my computer, or running around to events and such, I sometimes don’t eat like I should. My breakfast will often consist of just coffee. And I really do not like working out. I admit it. But I really need to. Although I am not exactly overweight my *twin skin* stomach has seen much better days. I have not seen my true waistline in quite a while and I want it back! Of course, carrying around one set of twins, and then three years later carrying another did a job on my poor tummy. Add to the fact that I usually feel too busy and too guilty not working to work out. So, I need some help finding a balance.

When I heard about the Coca-Cola Balanced Living Workshop this month here in Chicago I admit that my first thought was Coca-Cola and being healthy? Hmm. But when I read more about the event I knew that I wanted to attend. I am excited to learn some healthy living ideas for my children and myself.

Also, I have some major travel plans for next year that require swimsuit wear, so I need to get fit again! And I know that eating better and adding more exercise will increase my energy level. And with my wacko schedule I really need it!

Keep your eye on my site after December 12th when I will share all that I have learned with you all.

Disclosure: I was invited by Coca-Cola to participate in this compensated event. All opinions are my own.