ESRB ratings are put in place to help parents make informed decisions when purchasing video games for their kids. This time of year is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with the ESRB ratings and what each means. The ratings have been around for a long time. But do you actually pay attention to them when purchasing games? Or do you just buy whatever your kids ask for? You should pay attention. A lot of time was put into creating the ratings to protect our kids from inappropriate content. So, just as you would not put on a X-rated movie for your kids, you should not purchase a video game for them that contains content for a much older child. Grand Theft Auto was often in the news for its gory theme and adult content. Young kids should not lay eyes on that game. The ratings were put in place to help you make sure that does not happen.

Here is a video that I made along with some other bloggers talking about how the ESRB ratings helps our gaming decisions:


The ratings are very easy to follow, and every game package is clearly marked. Here is the chart:

Now, before you order all of the games on your child’s wish list, check the ratings!