If you use a laptop as your primary machine, you may notice that you get tired faster. You sit at your computer and you use the small keyboard. You may find yourself hunched down in your chair while you look down at the screen.  This is especially true for taller people. Remember a few years back how laptops had these huge docking stations with a stand on top to raise the screen and allow us to connect devices??

Well we have come a long way. Now laptops are smaller, lighter, and we use them all the time. But we no longer need the huge docking stations to make the laptop a desktop replacement. The laptops now have everything that we need built-in, except in many cases… a full sized keyboard.  Plus, you might still want to raise your laptop up to eye level. I have seen some interesting setups that involve kitchen stands on top of desks, boards propped on top of books, and more. Instead of building something yourself, the Sharper Image Laptop Stand with Built-in Keyboard can prop up your laptop and includes a full sized keyboard with a touchpad.

Use is simple. You pop up the back leg out, pop on your laptop, adjust the screen, and go.

One thing that I would love to see on this product is the addition of USB ports. Since it takes up one to plug it in, it would be awesome if that could be gained back in a port or two on the side of the unit. Also, be sure to check the flexibility of your laptop screen before you buy this to work with it. I tried it first with my Samsung Series 5, but the screen does not bend back as far as the HP pictured here, so I could not view the screen once it was propped up. Most laptops will not have this issue. The touchpad is actually smaller than that on some laptops, but I’m sure I can get used to it.

Overall, this is a great idea for anyone who needs to bring their laptop up to eye level while adding the usefulness of a full-sized keyboard with keypad.

The Sharper Image Laptop Stand with Built-in Keyboard can be purchased for $71.99 from Staples.com.


Disclosure: This post is part of a compensated campaign with the Sharper Image. All opinions are my own.