One thing that we have to our advantage right now as parents is technology. There is no reason why we should not have hundreds or even thousands of photos and videos of our kids. We now have fancy cameras, pocket videos cameras, or smartphones that can take awesome photos and videos. What we do with them after that… well that might be tricky. We sometimes end up with a ton of photos on our computer that are never shared. We need to fix that.

I love finding interesting things to do with my photos. I used to create a DVD slideshow full of photos and video clips of my kids to share with the grandparents as Christmas gifts. I used a fairly complicated PC program. But, with tech being what it is now, that task can be accomplished much faster.

Ragu is known for creating delicious spaghetti sauce that helps our kids get their veggies when they eat their beloved spaghetti. Did you know that every cup of Chunky Ragu contains two servings of vegetables?? Of course our kids don’t know that. All they know is that they love the sauce.

And now Ragu has created an awesome, fun way for us to capture our child’s memories usually technology. The Long Day of Childhood campaign helps us capture those memories by using the Give ’em Ragu app. Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android it allows you to create movies from video clips and photos of your children. And it is easy to use! There is no complicated downloading of pics, or emailing them to yourself, etc. You can do it right on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, and right from your Facebook account. You can even select photos or videos that are on your Facebook page from your mobile device in addition to taking new photos or videos.

2012-12-18 14.00.12

Once you have photos and videos loaded you can add captions to each image, and go! It does the rest for you by adding music and a Ragu video about childhood. Not sure that you like it? Go back and tweak it, add more photos, add more videos, or remove something.

2012-12-18 14.29.13

Once the video is done you can save it, or upload it to Facebook or Youtube for sharing. It could not be easier!

Don’t keep your cute videos and pics of the kids hidden away. Create something magical and share it with the Give ’em Ragu app.


Disclosure: This post is brought to you be Ragu. All opinions are my own.