imaxEveryone loves a good movie. With technology being what it is today, and with the ease of being able to rent movies, or stream them on our devices, people probably don’t go to the movie theater as much as they used to. Plus when you have young kids, getting to the *show* is not as easy, or as quiet and relaxing as it used to be. But let me tell you… there is nothing like experiencing the movie in the theater. Right now during the holidays is a great time to take the family on an outing “to the show”.

If that theater is an IMAX theater the experience is even better. It had been years since I visited an IMAX movie. As a matter of fact I think I only went to one. IMAX is all about the experience of being IN the movie. At some points it almost felt 3D! I honestly prefer IMAX because there are no funny glasses to wear. 🙂 I actually felt like I was immersed in the movie.  An IMAX screen is quite a bit larger than a regular movie theatre screen, and it shows! The screen spans from the one side all the way to the other and from the floor to the ceiling. The screen is also curved instead of flat, so it makes you feel like the picture is all around you. And the sound is AWESOME!  Check out the below video to hear more about why IMAX sound is so great.

We saw Skyfall. Yep, 007 in full affect. The movie was soooo good! I know some have not gotten used to Daniel Craig as James Bond, but he is great! And with a movie like that in IMAX??? Pure action! All the special affects and explosions were HUGE!!!

When you are looking for a family outing this holiday consider going to check out a movie at the IMAX! You can check out the IMAX website to see which movies are playing near you. A hot one offered now is the Hobbit. I want to see that myself.

Happy viewing!


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by IMAX. All opinions are my own.