paintbrushI have this thing with date milestones. When I know that there is a holiday coming, or a special date, I think about things that I want to get done by that date. Knowing that New Years Eve is coming in a few days makes me think about things to do around the house. I have several projects that I want to get done in the New Year. I love my house, and I realize that I am not moving for a long, long, long time (thanks to the market) so I am on a mission to make it great. Here are a few things on my list that I want to get done. Yes, of course this includes some tech. 🙂

1. Tile my backsplash: A few months ago I bought one tile at the home improvement store. I brought it home to see if I liked the look of it in my kitchen. I do love it! It matches perfectly. Now I just have to take the time to go back and get the rest and do the project. I don’t know why but tiling makes me nervous. I fear messing up. And cutting the tiles gives me pause. But, I am willing to give it a try. I watch enough home improvement shows to know what to do. I need to just do it!

2. Paint the inside of my house: Nope, I did not just list one room. We have been in this house for six years and I have only painted my girl’s room, my boy’s room, and one small wall in my kitchen above the cooktop. I have yet to decide exactly what I want the rest of the walls to look like. But, that time will come very soon.

3. Install a whole house humidifier: I mentioned this before. Right now I run a Sharper Image Cool Mist Humidifier in my bedroom, and another in my boys room. I would love to get one for the whole house to keep the dry air down for all of us.

4. Install a tankless water heater: This should probably be #1 on my list! I have a huge corner jacuzzi tub in my master bathroom that hardly ever gets used. When I take a bath I use the regular sized tub in the 2nd bathroom. Although my house has a nice sized water heater, when I fill up my tub it usually runs out of hot water, and the water is lukewarm before I can even get in. And I like my baths very, very hot! A tankless provides a nonstop flow of hot water. That makes me happy!!

5. Organize, organize, organize: This one needs to be a post all in itself. There is SO much organizing that needs to be done!!! The closets, the basement, the kitchen, the garage. I could probably write a whole blog about everything going on in those rooms. LOL! My plan is to take it one room at a time. I think I have to start with the kitchen. I just ordered a pot rack that needs to be installed so I will have more cabinet space.

6. Get a fancy home automation system: I want one of those awesome systems that lets me control my thermostat, lights, etc. when on the go. I see a couple of contenders, but I am still doing research to see which is the best match. Years ago I tired out an X10… remember that? Honestly it did not work very well. Looking forward to checking out the new ones that are available now.

The prospect of doing all of this can be overwhelming, but I am excited and looking forward to trying to at least get some of it done!


Does the new year inspire you to make any changes to your home?