I’m Heading to Vegas for CES! What Do You Want to Hear About?

CES-LogoMy first thought is YAYYY!!! Then Ahhhh. Then holy moly my to do list!!! I leave in just a few days and I swear I am NOT ready. Although December started out good, by mid-December I was EXHAUSTED!! And it showed. Sometimes you just need to slow down, right?

After being lazy for the past 3 weeks or so I am starting 2013 with a bang… by heading to Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show! I went back in 2010 and I had a blast. It was crazy busy, but worth it. This time I am going on my own accord, not a sponsor! So I am looking forward to having more time to actually see the city and have some fun and do things mostly at my own pace.

However, just because I am not sponsored it does not mean that my schedule is not packed! There are plenty of events, booth tours, and tech to see. I am looking forward to seeing products from Samsung, Sony, Fujitsu, Kingston, and much more. Plus there are some great parties on my schedule to keep me hopping at night. The Las Vegas Convention Center is huge. Last time I overloaded myself with booth appointments. Then I missed half of them because the next appointment was the equivalent of a mile from the last one! This time I was careful in selecting booth appointments. I am not booking too many, and I am leaving plenty of space between.

I anticipated the busy schedule during CES, so there are a couple of extra days tacked on to my trip to just enjoy Vegas. This will be my 3rd time there, but so far I have not seen very much. I am looking forward to a couple of down days. And umm… this comes on the heels of me watching the Hangover for the first time this weekend. LOL! Yeah… we won’t have any of those incidents. :) That movie was hysterical!!

I am looking forward to some tech overload and Vegas stories! You know what happens in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas like it used to, so stay tuned for more posts.

What would you like to hear about while I’m in Vegas?

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  1. Hey Kris… hope you are having a blast in Vegas at CES! Its been on my bucket list for last 3 years… maybe one day… in the meantime have fun with all the online tech guys and girls… Jean Parks, Monica Villa and so many more. haven't had much time online today due to a 2x refurbished laptop that's dieing again…(if by any miracle you come across any sponsors that might want to give someone a laptop in exchange for social media branding via pinterest, FB, and twitter, PLMK!) Am fighting inoperable spinal tumors for a few yrs now and unable to afford new technology, so that is why I am being so bold in throwing that out there! In the meantime, honestly, have ablast and fun… and don't forget to get a foot massage if they offer.. have done other 2-3 day trade shows in years pass, both at my own booth and on the other side.. I know how your feet must be feeling no matter how much fun you are having! Take care. Cathy… ps…I don't comment often but have been following you for a long time! mostly on twitter…

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