car_techYou already know know how I feel about cars. Beyond the look, the drive, the gas mileage I want to know all about the tech! The below post tells us how tech in cars can make us safer and make us all love driving again… even in Chicago traffic. ๐Ÿ™‚

Cars are becoming smarter and will help drivers enjoy their commute more. No one likes a long commute, but it can be better with this new technology. Consider these 10 ways that could help you love commuting more.

1. Hands-Free Driving Soon

Self-driving cars have made their debut on the market. This will allow drivers to send emails, return phone calls or simply pay attention to conversations with passengers in the vehicle.

2. Cars Are Becoming More Fuel Efficient

Cars are saving on gas by monitoring how they brake and accelerate. Self-driving vehicles can monitor this process and find more efficient ways to monitor acceleration and braking. With smooth transitions, vehicles can continue without unnecessary starts and stops.

3. Driverless Car Technology Rental Car Delivery

Companies can send their rental cars to every customerโ€™s door with driverless car technology. The same technology can be used for an automated taxi program. Some private car owners may even use the technology to lend their vehicles out to other people and earn money.

4. Eliminate Red Light Stops

Traffic lights may be a thing of the past if self-driving cars become more popular. When cars communicate with one another, cars can pass through intersections without hitting other cars. When the passage will be perfectly timed, this technology will reduce delays and traffic.

5. Alerts to Reduce Distracted Driving

If your car does not have a built-in alert system, a simple mobile application can use technology to help drivers remain alert. If a driver is too sleepy, alerts can be given to tell them when to stop for coffee. A smartphone can be placed in the dashboard holder, and the car safety app will use the cameras to determine if the vehicle has veered off the path.

6. Recharge Easily

Electric car owners can monitor the car charging process. The car charging process can be completed late at night or during off-peak hours. The application was developed by IBM and EKZ. The applications will ensure that electric cars will not overwhelm the power grid in the United States.

7. Following Device

If a company takes a trip with several co-workers in different cars, the cars can be programmed to follow the lead car wherever it goes. Cars can travel this way up to 6,200 miles without glitches. This program is currently installed in Volvo vehicles.

8. Self-Parking Vehicles

Self-parking vehicles can parallel park on crowded streets when you cannot. These self-parking technologies will be available in the future. Volvo, Lexus and Ford each have self-parking systems that use radar sensors to help people park their cars in tight spaces. The drivers are only required to control the speed of the vehicle.

9. Reduced Number of Accidents

When you feel safer, you will enjoy commuting more. Applications and self-driving vehicles will reduce distracted or drunken drivers. Traffic conditions can be monitored and collisions can be avoided with self-driving technology. With the new technology, $300 billion in car crash damages could be reduced and avoided. The death toll may also be reduced. Currently, the death toll has reached 33,000 people annually. Visit Kanetix for more information about car safety.

10. Custom Driving Experiences

Cars are now customized for a more comfortable driving experience. Cars are being personified with digital facial expressions. For instance, exhausted cars that exhibit a sad face may need gas.

Smarter Cars Are the Key to An Enjoyable Commute

When you obtain a car with these features, you will enjoy your commute more. There are other features that may improve the commute, but these features are on the way. Consider these 10 ways smarter cars can improve commuting.