bed-with-blue-blanket-mdThere used to be a time when we did not have to worry about whether or not to allow gadgets in our bedrooms. There was a time when we may not have even have televisions in our bedroom. There are some people that still don’t. Then there are some of us that play with our smartphones in bed. We even bring our laptops to bed to get some work done in comfort.

I actually spend more time hanging out in my bedroom than I do in my family room. On the weekends I let my kids take over the family room. There are four of them so they outnumber me. LOL! They watch the Disney channel, they play games, and they pull out toys. I am usually upstairs in my room watching TV, or working in my office. Plus I have an awesome Sleep Number bed which I consider the ultimate piece of bedroom tech, so I like to spend time in it. LOL!

My bedroom is well equipped to keep me busy and comfortable. Since I was just gifted an awesome new 60″ LED LCD Television for Christmas, my previous LG 47″ LED WiFi connected TV was moved up to my bedroom. Connected to it is probably way too much tech! I have my DirecTV HD box, WD TV Live Hub, Roku, and even an old model Mac Mini which I basically just use as a DVD player these days. Why do I have both a WD TV Live Hub and a Roku? Well, both are awesome media streamers… however each has something that the other does not. The WD TV Live Hub is great, but… it does not do Amazon Prime streaming. The Roku does. And while the WD TV Live Hub allows me to stream local content from other places on my home network, the Roku does not by default. And the Live Hub has a built-in 1TB hard drive which allows me to store media locally. So for now I am keeping them both connected.

Next to my night stand I keep a six outlet surge protector. I plug my phone in at night. Also plugged in is my Sharper Image Sound Soother alarm clock, and a beside lamp. On the other nightstand is a matching lamp and humidifier. I do bring my laptop to bed quite often, so then another plug gets used. When I go to sleep, I prop the laptop up between the bed and nightstand. And yes, I am one of those guilty of grabbing my phone before anything else when I wake up in the morning. Well… not my glasses. 🙂

Which type are you? Do you have a no tech policy in the bedroom? Or does the amount of tech in your bedroom rival that of your home office? 🙂