Valentine’s Day is here. Hopefully you have a sweetie to spend it with. There may be a few surprises in store. Just in time to store your new memories, the Twyxt app  has launched. What is Twyxt?

Well, as you know guys forget things. Some guys forget things a lot. Sometimes we have to remind them several times about important dates coming up. This could include anniversaries, birthdays, event dates, vacations, and even Valentine’s Day.  In addition, with technology being what it is couples love to keep in touch all day by texting each other, and sending photos. This is an awesome and easy way to keep in touch in today’s constantly moving world. During the day when working and running around, nothing brightens your day like a quick text from your sweetie to let you know that they are thinking about you even if they cannot call right away. And you know us ladies… we are mushy. We love to save things. We love to reminisce. We keep shoeboxes of cards and photos. We stick photos on cork boards, and we save love notes. But how do you do that with technology?

Enter the Twyxt app. Twyxt is like a private social media network for couples. Twyxt allows you to keep track of everything involving your relationship. The Twyxt app includes messaging, a calendar, a task list app, and a photo album. Once installed on your iPhone or iPod Touch it enables you to send messages, share photos, share appointments, and share tasks with your honey. There is no more searching through multiple places and losing info. It is all in one place.


You install the app, create an account, and invite your honey to join as well. Once that is done you are connected. If you send a message, they get a push alert on their phone… instantly.

I love the concept of this app. My favorite feature is the calendar feature. The calendar keeps track of photos shared that day, as well as appointments. It has the ability to set up an appointments either individually, or for both of you. You can set reminders (we love those!), or set appointments to repeat. And as with messaging, adding a calendar appointment sends a message to your sweetie, so they will know right away. And the reminders will help them be on time!



Twyxt is fun not only for flirting and cutesy stuff, but also for keeping track of important family appointments, quickly sharing family photos, and more. Twyxt is currently available FREE in the Apple App Store. It is coming soon to Android.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Twyxt. All opinions are my own.