Finding the perfect school, training program, classes, or online materials can be hard. We usually hit Google then sift through the hundreds of results. Or, we talk to friends and ask them what they think. What if there was a one stop shop for finding the perfect education? is a search engine for education. They call it the first and only life-long education search engine that provides users with free, unprecedented access to education information and interactive learning tools.  Whether you are looking for the perfect Kindergarten, high school, or graduate program, it is all there. You can also search for tutoring, learning materials, an MBA, law, or medical program, and more.

Noodle learning materials search

Searching is simple. The engine starts by asking you a couple of questions such as age range, and what you are looking for. You are then presented with an easy to navigate page of information. You will also find links to various helpful articles about education and careers such as:

  • Why Do Companies Ask Weird Interview Questions?
  • How to Write the Perfect College Essay
  • Skip the Red Bull and Try Natural Energy Boosters for Better Studying

Content comes from many credible sources, such as federal and state education departments and agencies, LinkedIn, Forbes, Newsweek, YouTube Education, US News & World Report, and more. So you know that the articles you are reading are providing you with the best possible advice to better your education.

Learning materials include things like Fractal Fractions, how to calculate the leg of a right triangle, and even LSAT tips. I even found a video on how to replace a car part! So yes, they even have information that will help you fix your car.

Noodle.org_ Learning Materials_Fractal Fractions

If you search for an MBA program, Noodle will recommend programs based on your undergraduate studies, the college that you attended, and your GPA. So, it is not just giving you general results like a regular web search engine. It is targeted to you, based on the criteria that you set.

No matter what you are looking for, it is there. You can browse and find exactly what you need in education. It can take the stress off of wondering what to do in your college career, or where to send your children to school.

Noodle.org_K-12 Schools_Landing Page


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