This subject comes up again and again. With times being what they are, parents want their children to be safe. However, if you have a teen, they want to feel a sense of maturity and privacy. So should you install nanny software, spyware, or parental controls?

Should You Install Spyware on Your Child’s Phone?

The answer may depend on the child.  Children get cellphones earlier than they used to. Some kids as young as 7 may have their own phone. While they are still very innocent at that age, they may accidentally come across content that we don’t want them to see. This is only one thing that can happen. There are many reasons why you may decide to install spyware on your child’s phone. The main reason of installing such software may be to make sure that your teen is where they are supposed to be. Another reason might be to make sure that they are talking to only who they are supposed to talk to. And lastly, it may be to make sure that they are not receiving inappropriate text messages or calls from anyone.

There are some staggering statistics on the website that would make any parent understand why they should keep up with their children. Did you know that 8% of high school students report having attempted suicide? Or that 16% of rape victims are under the age of 18?  Or that 20% teenagers try drugs until the age of 16? That is all disturbing isn’t it? But, what if the parents might have known right away that something was wrong and been able to help?

mSpy Family is monitoring software that can give you peace of mind. It is nanny software, parental controls, and tracking all in one. Starting at only $49 mSpy features can monitor every aspect of your child’s smartphone or tablet computer. Features allow you to do things including:

  • Listen to incoming and outgoing calls
  • Set up call recorder
  • Run SMS tracking
  • Read emails
  • Perform GPS tracking target device
  • View photos and videos
  • Block access to websites and applications
  • Restrict calls
  • See calendar events and contacts
  • Read chat and IM conversations
  • Ability to track browsing history
  • Skype tracking
  • …. and more.

Is that too much? Well again, that depends on the child. As parents, we all want to have some trust in our children to do the right thing. It is others that we cannot necessarily trust. Better safe than sorry. Of course as your child gets older they can have more leeway, you can loosen up the controls, and let them have their privacy as they grow until responsible adults. But, until then it is your job to protect them.