Tax time seems to be a stressful time for most. I know it is for me. Some have differing opinions on the hows and the whys of getting a tax refund. But, I enjoy getting mine, whether or not my money was simply loaned to the government . I still look forward to knowing that I will get some type of refund instead of owing more money.

But, how do we actually get ready for tax time? When you are a home based business owner this can be a daunting task. Receipts, 1099 forms, checks, and other payments and expenses all need to be accounted for and organized. For me, this is a work in progress. Technology certainly helps… if you use it right.

There are several tools available to help you get organized for tax time. One of those is the new Master Lock Vault website and app. This service allows you to securely store documents like receipts, tax documents, and more. Plus you can store usernames and passwords and other things without worry of it ending up in the wrong hands.

Master Lock Vault


  • Save Passwords: Have a lot of usernames and passwords to remember? Store them securely in one spot. You will have easy access to look them up via the Master Lock Vault website, or the Mobile App.
  • Secure Documents: Safely store copies important documents such as birth certificates, wills, tax returns, passports, and more.
  • Reminders: Get reminded of important dates via email, text message, or voice notifications.
  • … and more


Check out my video below where I talk about these tips and getting organized.

The free mobile app is available for iOS, Android including the Kindle Fire, and even the Nook. Plus there is a mobile web version that you can access at any time. See more info at on the Master Lock Vault website.