header_newAlthough tech was not as widely in use when I was young, I still managed to become a techy from a young age. And I personally think I turned out OK. 🙂 But, it seems that a lot of parents forget that knowing technology, and knowing it well can lead to an awesome career in IT, web design, graphic design, social media, and the like.

In this day and age kids have to know about computers. They use them in school, and sometimes they have homework assignments that require them to use a computer. Depending on the age of your child they just might already be more tech savvy than you. They know how to use iPhones, iPads, Kindle Fires, and laptops. They blow off steam with video games on the XBox, Wii, or Playstation. And they can control the entertainment center components better than their mothers. In my house my 6-year old, Jayden, is nicknamed the entertainment expert because after one lesson he knew how to turn on the TV and connected receiver and seamlessly switch between the PS3, Wii, Xbox, and more. He can turn to Netflix, choose Netflix for Kids and find his favorite movie. He navigates his netbook like he has been using Windows 7 since he was in the womb. My 9-year old daughters have started to use Microsoft Word, and they have been playing with using MS Publisher to create invites. And I think it is darned cool. I know that being able to master these skills now shows that they can be quick learners in other areas of tech. And I think that is awesome.

They still love to read books. They still build forts in my family room out of pillows. They still love to play outside. They still play hide and seek in the closets. They still drive me nuts making crafts and leaving scraps of paper all over the floor. They still directe and compose their own shows that they perform on special occasions. They are very well balanced. They are still kids, and they still participate in plenty of imagination play. But, they are becoming awesome little techies. And I am cool with that.

How does raising digital natives make other moms feel? Chicago Parent Magazine asked me to find out from some local Chicago moms. I spoke with my friends and fellow bloggers Chantelle, Joyce, Ronni, SidneySharon, and Maria about how they handle raising their little digital natives.


If you are out and about in the Chicago area, pick up a copy from one of the many locations. Or read the full article on the Chicago Parent Magazine website.