March-MadnessMarch Madness is here. If you are a fan, you are probably obsessing over your favorite teams right now. Do you only follow sports during March Madness? If so, you are probably not alone. We all know that there are a lot of sports fans in the world. Some folks love every sport out there. Some might like to follow only the NBA. Some may love baseball. But during March Madness it seems like everyone that you did not realize was a fan suddenly comes out of the woodwork. When home, you will watch ESPN, or other sports channels to keep up. But what about when on the go?

It used to be that if you followed sports and you were not in front of a TV you had to call someone at home to ask them to check the score, or tune in to the fuzzy AM sports radio station and listen for the score.

Now, thanks to advancements in mobile technology and a slew of apps for just about everything, you can keep up with your sports team while on the go with no problem. Whether you choose to use our iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or Android tablet, there is an app for all. There are apps to keep track of or bet on every sport from the NBA to the WWE to bowling, and even apps to bet on the Kentucky Derby.


Here are five apps to keep track of your fav sports:

NCAA March Madness Live:  This app actually lets you watch every game on your phone or tablet. You can also follow and fill-in your brackets, check schedules and scores, and listen to live game radio. To watch live games you will need to login with your cable TV provider info.

ESPN Bracket Bound 2013: This app allows you to follow the top teams with scores, news, ESPN Bracketology and highlights. You can also personalize your experience for your favorite teams.

NBA Game Time 2012-13: This app has the cool feature of pushing notifications when a game you are following gets exciting. You won’t miss a beat! You can also follow the Twitter streams for each game.

Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball: Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball give you real-time scores and much more for your favorite baseball teams.

CBS Sports: Although focused on the NCAA right now, the CBS Sports all lets you keep track of all of your favorite sports. View scores, stats, news, and tweets for all major sports.


All of the apps above can be found in the iTunes App Store or on Google Play.