I was just talking with someone recently about old computers. In my post Computer Addiction Partly Explained, I showed my old Commodore 64, and my IBM PS/2 Model 80. Remember those??? There were some pretty interesting old computers back then that allows us to create those awesome BASIC programs before Windows came along. Others like a Tandy comes to mind. That was built and sold by RadioShack. That is pretty interesting when you think about it. Now RadioShack is a store full of 3rd party gadgets, hard to find cords and cables, and cell phones. But, they no longer build computers. And that is for good reason!  In high school we had a lab full of Macintosh IIc’s. Luckily Apple improved their computer building skills and they are now loved by all.

All of these computers had their 5 minutes of fame! But what were some of the worst computers of all time?  Chassis Plans put together a fun infographic that shows us. Check it out below: