wifiHaving a super-fast wireless network at home is not just a luxury anymore, it is an absolute necessity. More than 7 million homes in the UK enjoy wireless networks, and more people are switching to such networks every day. Almost every new network connection created in a home is a wireless network, connecting broadband internet to all PCs and computing devices in the house.

How wireless networks work

Wireless network systems are created through routers that communicate with your computing devices through signals on the radio waves. Your laptop, smartphone, tablets, PCs and all computing devices can be connected to your router, which in turn would connect you to the Internet. All devices will be connected together to form a local network.

If you are not familiar with wireless networks at home, you might have already used them at Wi-Fi hotspots in restaurants, airports and other public places. Although just about anyone can log onto those networks as long as they are in the vicinity, you can protect your home network with the help of a password. Most public and private networks utilise the Virgin Media wireless broadband service because of its speed and reliability.

Advantages of wireless networks

The first and foremost advantage of having a wireless network is that you can remove all the access cable from your home, and can have extra room and a tidier computer space.

The second advantage is freedom to move around without losing the connection. If you connect your laptop to the Internet through a cable, you can only take it as far as your cable allows you to. With a wireless home network powered by Virgin Media wireless broadband, you can move around with your laptop freely without losing your connection to the Internet.

The third and latest advantage is that you can connect your TV and gaming consoles to your wireless home network along with other computing devices. If you are thinking about digitising and automating your home, your security system, fridge, washing machine, HVAC and lighting also can be connected through your wireless network. Consumers are able to print documents from anywhere in the house and play music from the computer around the house.

Another great advantage of having a super-fast wireless network connection is that you can virtually eliminate the need to communicate through your phone. While connected to your network, you can use free services such as Skype and Google Hangouts to connect with your loved ones through video chat. These services are free, so you will be able to reduce your phone bill by a significant amount.

Having a super-fast Virgin Media wireless broadband connection means that you will have several megabytes per second of browsing speed and will have the ability to download and upload large amounts of data within seconds.

If you already have a super-fast wireless connection at home, then you know about this; and if you do not, then it’s time for an upgrade, and Virgin Media wireless broadband can bring this to you.


Nathan Morgan has been a technology professional for 16 years and has diverse hands-on experience starting off with a couple of years of mobile phone SMT repair. That was followed by three years as a freelance Visual Basic developer and then a decade dedicated to Linux server security, ecommerce site management and coding in a variety of languages including PHP, SQL and Java.