Facebook Home for Android: What You Need to Know

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2013-04-16 16.47.05Facebook is ALWAYS changing things. As soon as you get used to home something works, they change it. But this time, they have gone even further and developed a whole new experience for your smartphone.

By now you have heard all about Facebook Home which launched a few days ago. It is the new *app* designed to turn your Android phone into a Facebook powered device. Upon hearing about it my initial reaction was “Hell no. I am not interested in FB taking over my phone!” And while I do still mostly feel that way, after playing with it I can see how some  Facebook addicted users could love it.

If you have had the chance to use and or play with a Windows Phone recently, it is a similar concept in terms of being able to see what’s happening with your friends right away on your home screen. in this case, it your lock screen. However, Facebook home is not an OS. It just changes the look and feel of your Android phone. If you spend much of your day on Facebook networking, chatting, posting statuses, etc. Facebook Home puts all of that up front on your phone and makes is easier to do. But, was it hard in the first place? Well no, not really. The recent iterations of Android does a great job of making it easy for us to share photos, and more. So… why did they need to make it easier?

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  • all talk entertainment

    Sounds interesting but I’ll leave mine as is. I like having my messenger separate and I figured out how to turn off the chat heads. I’m not a Facebook junkie like that and hadn’t even heard of this. I’ll be sure to share.

  • I HATE it! I hate the chat heads, the notifications, everything! lol

  • Kelster

    I didn’t like it. I have folders on some screens and it took the apps out of folders but only displayed some of the apps. I just didn’t like the feel of it. Plus, I like fb posts in chronological order.