software-iphone-second-col-20100607I *try* my best to take FULL advantage of technology to help me stay organized and on top of things. Does this always work out? Umm… no! However, it is a work in progress. I have adapted some of the tips below. I think it is very important to know how to use technology to help us, not hinder us. The below post tells 4 tools in tech that you should be using.

It’s no secret that technology can help us stay organized and in control – without our trusty cell phones or tablets, how would we check social media, know our bank balance, and respond to emails at a moment’s notice? Beyond that, however, there are some other apps and communication tools that can benefit our day-to-day work life immensely. Here are a few pointers on tech that you can use to stay organized and sane, even on your craziest work days.

  1. Virtual Phone Systems: While your smartphone may be great at delivering work emails when you’re not in the office, you may be missing out on important phone calls. With virtual phone systems from providers like Broadview Networks, you can have all business calls routed directly to your cell and never miss a crucial client call again.  This is obviously great for those days when you work from home or are traveling.  These phone systems also work across all locations of a business, so if you work for one location and will be visiting another branch, you can actually use your same phone number and extension. Since everything’s stored in the cloud, everything is always available.
  2. Office Shares/Coworking Apps: Are you a freelancer looking for some office space, or a road warrior who needs to pop into a real office to get work done (rather than sitting at Starbucks yet again)? There are some great start-ups in the coworking and office share arena that provide mobile apps for locating such spaces.  Try out apps like LiquidSpace to see where you can find a coworking space or office share near you while you’re on the go. As coworking emerges as a huge trend for freelancers and other telecommuters, these apps will only become more popular.
  3. Meeting Apps: Have you ever been out of the office when an important meeting is about to occur? Meeting apps for the iPhone, iPad, and other devices are perfect for staying in the loop while out on the road. These apps allow for screen sharing, which is optimal for tutorials and demonstrations. Check out applications like GoToMeeting or StartMeeting to learn even more.
  4. Project Management Tools: Keep your team on the same page at all times with project management tools that allow for file sharing, cloud storage, and up-to-the-minute communication.  Utilizing Google Drive is perfect for communicating amongst your team as you can all edit documents in real time, as well as chat live. Additionally, tools like Basecamp help to track projects, calendars, and milestones to keep everyone accountable.  You can even use Basecamp across companies, so you can remain transparent to clients on projects and keep them involved as well.

What are some other tools that you use to stay organized and in the loop at work?