momagenda-logoBeing the mother of 4 in grade school I get a lot of paper. You might think that these days schools have switched over to doing more electronically, but not so! I still get monthly newsletters, announcements, permission slips, flyers for events, and more. And where do I keep it all?

cherryblossom_kitchenfolio_lUntil now I admit that some papers would end up MIA. I try my best to put them all in the same place in my office, but that did not work out very well. But now with the momAgenda Kitchen Folio I have somewhere to neatly keep it all. I can have a labeled section for each item. There are white tabs included that I can use to make sections for permission slips, newsletters, and other school papers and forms. I can keep only what is relevant while I need it and then throw them out as the new ones arrive.

The momAgenda Kitchen Folio includes 48 clear pages and 24 interchangeable tabs. It also comes with a few pre-made forms that you can fill in to keep useful info nearby. The forms included are:

Important Information:  Here you can list your name, address, school names and phone numbers, extended family, friends, and emergency contacts.

Important Phone Numbers:  This is a full sheet for phone numbers of doctors, the vet, neighbor, and more.

Home-Related Phone Numbers: Here you can store even more numbers for things like contractors, handyman, garbage pickup and more.

Family Medical Info: Here you can list insurance info, prescriptions, allergies, and other info necessary to make sure your family gets the right medical care.

Babysitter’s Info: Everything that you need to know about your babysitter.

Birthdays and Anniversaries: This page is laid out by month. You can list birthdays for everyone important to you so that you will not miss one.

I would also suggest creating a page for useful household tech info like your ISP information, router password, and family email accounts. And if your house is very techy like mine, creating another page with brief instructions on how to control your entertainment center would be good. This is handy for when the grandparents or babysitter are over. I know I have gotten many calls while at work on how to switch to a movie.

The clear plastic page protectors are also a great place to keep kid’s artwork. The boards in my office are overflowing with awesome art! Now I can use the Kitchen Folio to store some items and put my favorites on the wall.

2013-04-30 11.46.16


Since the Kitchen Folio is completely customizable you are not limited in what you can do. There can be a place for everything! You can use the removable tabs to customize your folio so that it works for your life.

2013-04-30 11.46.02



The Giveaway

momAgenda would like to give one of my readers their own Kitchen Folio (worth $25.99). To win simply leave a comment below telling me how you currently keep your paperwork in check.

The contest will run until Friday, May 3, 2013 at 5:00 pm.


Disclosure: This post is part of my involvement in the compensated momAgenda COMM program.