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If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time chances are that you know my background. I got started in tech young, caught a bug early on and have been obsessed working with computers in some way ever since. I love talking with other women that know what it is like to be a woman in tech. I spent over 14 years working in an IT department where the number of women could be counted on one hand.

I was recently given the pleasure of interviewing Shannon Studstill. She is the Senior Director of Product Development at Sony PlayStation where she uses her tech, graphics, and gaming skills to make some games you have probably heard of or even played before. I was very intrigued to be talking to a woman in such a prominent position.

About Shannon


As the current head of Sony Santa Monica studio, Shannon Studstill has helped build the studio that is home to games such as Journey, Fat Princess, Twisted Metal and many more. In 1997 Studstill was approached by SCEA and offered the position of lead artist, and when Sony wanted to establish a new development studio in Los Angeles, they again turned to Studstill and she eventually assumed the role of Director of Internal Development at Sony Santa Monica Studios. Currently serving as Senior Director, Studstill has been an integral part in the creation of games such as PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, God of War and PixelJunk.

Today, Studstill partners with the Sony Santa Monica creative teams supporting PS3, PS Vita and other future initiatives. She has also delivered various industry talks, including the keynote at the IGDA Leadership Forum in 2011. In her role, Studstill is dedicated to maintaining the creative development atmosphere and multidisciplinary production philosophy that has brought the Sony Santa Monica studio more than a decade of award winning and critical success.


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