My current favorite commercial is the Nokia Lumia 920 wedding commercial. “Excuse me. would you mind moving your enormous phone?” “You mean the enormously awesome Galaxy?” “Boop boop.” LOL! That cracks me up every time! I know you’ve seen it, but if not, here you go…

The commercial reminds me of a recent heated discussion that I had with someone about the iPhone versus the Galaxy series. The person had an Android phone like 4-5 years ago. He didn’t like it. He said that Android is buggy and unreliable. I tried to explain that he last tried it when it was brand new. Yes, it was buggy then. But now? I consider it perfect! Well at least a couple of the builds. ūüôā I do not experience any strange crashes or anything like when Android was brand-spanking new.

I mentioned before that I had every iPhone from the original iPhone to the iPhone 4. I actually had it before it was released to the public via the beta program. I have tried them all, Palm series, Windows 5, Windows 6, iOS, Blackberry (old and new) and several flavors of Android. On the personal front, I have been Team Android since Dec 2011.¬†However, I am an equal opportunity phone user. LOL! Yes, right now my heart is still in the Android (specifically¬†Samsung) court, but technology changes from day to day. But honestly… when is the last time that Apple did something really great to the iPhone that made us go “Ooooh… yeah! That is worth the upgrade. Gotta have it!”? Yeah… that is what I thought. Meanwhile Samsung, and Microsoft (via Windows Phone) continue to improve not only their hardware by offering it on several different flavors of devices, but they also continue to improve their OS. I personally appreciate the fact that I can browse, research, and shop through several different types of either Android or Windows Phones before deciding what I want to purchase. This is great for some that might want to try out a more entry level (or cheaper) phone, or those of us that want to go for gold. ¬†But, if you want an iPhone… you just get an iPhone. The only options you will get is color (black vs. white) and built-in memory size. That is all.

It will be interesting to see if Apple continues to stick with their old formula. I mean… it *is* working for them. Apple fanboys and fangirls everywhere will continue to buy the new Apple iPhones whether they change the formula or not… mostly! I actually know several converts. And it was announced late last year that the Samsung Galaxy S3 actually outsold the iPhone. If things keep changing in that direction, Apple may have to do something to make us ooh and ahh again.

Meanwhile, I am keeping my eye on them all. The Samsung Galaxy S4 was just released to huge praise (review coming just as soon as I get my hands on one). And the Nokia Lumia 920 series and other Windows Phones are popping up more and more in smartphone user’s hands. The much¬†anticipated¬†HTC One is rolling out, and geeks cannot wait to get their hands on that one.

What phone do you currently carry? Are you looking to upgrade any time in 2013? If so, what phone are you waiting on? Have you converted in either direction?