I recently started using technology to keep track of working out…sorta. LOL! I received a fitbit and I am enjoying seeing just how many steps I take on a day to day basis. I have been trying to be much better about working out. And any technology or apps that can help me… I am all over it!  The below guest post gives us some ideas about apps that can help you get your fitness on!


iFitness_app_icon1If you’re anything like the other 99.9% of the population, you occasionally have difficulty transferring casual motivation into long term commitment, resisting the urge to move your body after day of exhausting your mind and patience. Cardiovascular exercise and body weight conditioning can release those feel good endorphins you’ve been craving, increase mental and physical stamina and breaks down those late afternoon snacks you have hidden away. Sadly, we can’t all afford a personal trainer or make it to a gym (some people don’t live near the right facilities), but rest assured, a new generation of fitness apps are about to kick your butt!

Zombies, Run!

The zombie apocalypse has entered pop culture, inspiring movies, TV shows, books, comics, video games and fan clubs. Fringe Cosplay groups even get together and dress up as zombies, acting out chase scenarios and catch-up at the end. Zombies, Run! is an app designed for the easily bored runner, walker or jogger, immersing downloaders in a real-time, exercise adventure. It can be used anywhere, from your backyard to the beach, following Runner 5 (that’s you) through a teeth chattering journey to build the final sanctuary for the human race. Become a fitness hero! Bonus: Collect loots and supplies to build a fortress against the walking apocalypse.


Say goodbye to solitary exercise and hello to Endomondo! Described as the personal trainer of the app world, this distance orientated application can be used for weight training as well as cycling, running, walking, cross training etc. Make friends on the Endo-network and be motivated by the friendly but firm voice in your ears cheering you on. Bonus: Accurate stats on time, distance, speed and calories.


The self-proclaimed personal trainer in your pocket. Is a free, popular, and long standing app for Android and iOS. Although the app is called RunKeeper, it lets you track a wide range of activities including cycling, skiing, and even swimming (if your hardware can support it). The app also includes social integration with Facebook and Twitter (as well as native sharing on Android), and a leader board that allows you to view which of your RunKeeper friends have been the most active. RunKeeper also has integration with Gympact listed below.


Gympact is a consequence based motivation tool, empowering users to discard workout excuses and quite literally puts your money where your feet go. The app asks you to make a hard promise to the Gympact community and yourself, requiring the investment of $5 per workout session – there’s a trick here, you only pay if you miss a workout. If you’ve been good and Gympact registers your presence at your selected venue, you can potentially make money from exercise oath-breakers! Honour your pledge, get healthy, and make money! Bonus: Users are directly responsible for their fitness actions. You can raise or lower the stakes and fitness days to suit your budget.

Nike+ Running

Nike+ Running is another popular run tracking app available for Android and iOS. Like other apps it allows you to share your activities on social networks. The options in this case are Facebook, Twitter, and Path. One stand out feature that Nike+ Running has is called Cheer Me On, which posts your activity to your social networks when you start running and then plays a crowd cheering sound every time one of your friends likes the status on Facebook, smiles on Path, or posts a comment on the status update.

100 Push-Ups

The dreaded upper body workout. When your muscles are lagging, under-developed or out of condition, push-ups can be particularly difficult and a little daunting in the gym environment. To get you started and confident in your pectoral prowess, follow this six week training program to correct your form, posture and overall strength. Feeling a bit defeated by only 10 push-ups? That’s okay, this app is suited to any and every fitness level. Bonus: The 100 Push-Ups program is progressive and self-directed.

Need a little extra guidance? Make sure you’re exercise ready before setting out on an intensive program. While it’s amazing you’ve made the choice to improve your life, remember, your body may have physical limitations you may need to be aware of before you hit the treadmill hard. For more information, contact the good folks at www.ddswqmedicarelocal.com.au